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Issue 51 Cover

Issue 51

Issue #50 feat. – Kevin Bækkel, Gabriel Fortunato, Jan Hoffmann, Lucas Jankoschek, Alina Saytkhanova, Abraham Dubin and many more

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Hvala Baba

At the time this issue drops, we are putting the finishing touches on our upcoming, yet still untitled (should probably get on that) video project. With the help of our loyal supporting brands, we assembled our dream squad of Euro riders, namely Filip Almqvist, Schianta Lepori, Joscha Aicher, Jorge Simões, Amélien Foures, and Tania Cruz (whom I hereby pronounce European by association). In order to stress test the wild bunch, we took them to the melting pot that is midsummer, near 40 °C Serbia.

Kevin Bækkel vs Gabriel Fortunato

For their new video parts, skate heavyweights Kevin Bækkel and Gabriel Fortunato are taking it to the ring. Both recently started skating for Beyond Medals, a brand formerly exclusive to the snowboarding world. YOU CAN’T WIN features parts by the first two skaters on the roster and thus will be a massive showdown in the manner of Rocky vs. Drago. Prior to the face-off, welterweight Fortunato, as classified by boxing standards, and super welterweight Bækkel sparred it out on a filming trip to Lisbon. Despite taking some hits on the way, neither one was on the ropes. Here’s the official weigh-in.

Jan Hoffmann – “CGN to BCN”

Jan Hoffmann had an interview in the first issue of Solo. Back then, he had just moved back to Germany from Dubai, where he spent his teen years. Starting skateboarding in a place that is pretty far away from the centers of skating gave him his own perspective on how to do it and that brought some fresh air into the German scene. Over the years, his style has naturally changed and evolved, and 50 issues later, we’re here for an update. What stayed the same is that he’s still able to skate pretty much everything. For this interview, it was spots in Barcelona.

Lucas Jankoschek – “Everything that happens in Vienna happens out of love and passion”

For me, the most refreshing thing about Luci is that, by definition, he’s not a “cool guy.” He seems to be perfectly balanced with his job and his passion, has the right people around him, lives in a good spot in the center of Vienna with his lovely brother, and wears his heart on his sleeves. If that makes you the opposite of a cool guy, who wants to be a cool guy?

Meet Alina Saytkhanova

Meet Alina Saytkhanova aka @biggestyle. Born in Russia, they family embarked on a journey that led them to Belgium, where they sought a new beginning. Having an independent spirit, however, Alina went further and found their way to Barcelona in pursuit of their dreams – meeting new souls, creating connections, and learning new tricks, new cultures, and new languages. Having a plant-based diet and turning old clothes into new ones, They definitely evolved mentally and takes care of the planet daily. They brand Wesh Skateboarding was born the same year they moved to the city. Alina’s creativity, empathy, and dedication to highlight the transformative power of skateboarding drove them to shed light on the diverse stories of individuals who, by making new homies and sharing life with them, call Barcelona their new home.

Abraham Dubin loves being a cartoon character

If you’re into the more weird side of skateboarding, you’ll surely have seen a Fancy Lad video and probably remember this guy dressed in orange who appropriately goes by the name “Orange Man.” According to his ID, he’s called Abraham Dubin, and besides being into wearing orange, he’s also into doing tricks on crazy boards. His approach to skateboarding is definitely a special one and we wanted to get a glimpse of his world, now located in California, where he’s constantly working on new boards and a full-length as well.