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Issue 44 by Maité Cover

Issue 44 by Maité

Issue #44 feat. – Maité, Jordan Thackeray, Yeelen Moens, Eetu Toropainen, Lovenskate, Uma Skateboards, Loutre, Feels Good Crew, and many more

10 SOLO44 Jordan Thackeray
09 SOLO44 Loutre Lab
08 SOLO44 The World is our Playground
07 SOLO44 Eetu Toropainen
05 SOLO44 Feelsgood Crew
04 SOLO44 Road to Nowhere
02 SOLO44 Lovenskate

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Always smiling, always good vibes, always ripping – we had it on our list to do a guest editor issue with Maité Steenhoudt for a while now and finally it happened and there’s also a smaller guest editor issue inside – a zine done by Kai Hillebrandt together with nobody else than the Gonz! And as a bonus you get a poster and some filtertips. By the way, which type of Zoot are you? Find out in the mag.

Y6p1 Hmyl

kuddelmuddel Zine by Kai Hillebrand & Gonz