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Issue 45 Cover

Issue 45

Issue #45 feat. – Last Resort AB, Kevin White, Paul Zenner, Nisse Ingemarsson, Tania Cruz, Barney Page, Levi’s in Puerto Rico and many more

02 SOLO45 Last Resort AB
03 SOLO45 Nisse Ingemarsson
04 SOLO45 Barney Page
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07 SOLO45 Tania Cruz
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The characters of Last Resort AB

Our first idea was to let Pontus Alv kick off the article about his shoe brand with a short interview. As we spent a few weeks in Porto, the place he had chosen to live in three years ago, we met him and his crew, the Batalha Boyz, to have lots of sessions at a slappy curb and drink some Aperol Spritzes at the bar. Between all that, we actually managed to do the interview sitting in a kebab restaurant as our session was rained out. After five minutes, we got the point that keeping a Pontus Alv interview short is quite hard to manage. So, as he wants to give his team, a mix full of unique characters, the space to shine (that’s why you see that photo of Last Resort’s 42-year-old am), we decided to drop his interview this time (no worries, you will be able to read the full, unabridged version on our website).

Nisse Ingemarsson – Procrastinate adult life

The first time I met Nisse, in the times when real communication and attention spans still existed, we were both sixteen years old. Me, a socially dyslectic guy from a small town, where the only contact with skateboarding was through Rhino Ramps; and Nisse, a young prodigy from Stockholm, who’d been waiting for me for two hours because I had jumped off at the wrong train station. He said, “Hi, I’m Nisse” and I answered “Yeah, I know.” Yes, I did not know a lot about social codes back then. – Jonathan Lomar

Barney Page – Holidays from holidays

Barney Page picks up the phone in Conil de la Frontera, a beach town in the south of Spain. During the off-season, the Sour team rented an apartment there to catch some sun and finish filming for Sour III. Even filming the last tricks for your part is not always fun. Barney – who is a traveling man – is enjoying the change of scenery after COVID regulations made it hard to go on trips for quite a while. But even during lockdown in his hometown Exeter, he came up with ideas to be on the road – even if it would mean pushing on a motorway. So we talked about filming parts on the road, pushing through the UK, and taking holidays from holidays.

Kevin White

Kevin White, or maybe better known by his online persona Jumpman Blanco, is a man of the world. He’s worked hard for his career in skateboarding and took the advice given to him by the late P-Stone to keep it in motion and see what’s out there as soon as he could. As a frequent visitor to Europe and someone with a curious mind, it’s not surprising Kevin picked up a few things along the way and will order his celebratory gin and tonic after a productive day in the local language, wherever it may be. We had met Kevin on a mission to Gran Canaria to kick off the year in the sun and caught up after he returned back to the US from his following stay in Barcelona. Since he credits the initiators of “Copenhagen Open” as some of the people who helped him really break into the industry, it’s not much of a surprise he’s also got his basic Danish down! Kevin is as solid as they come.

Tania Cruz – Hello Mom!

Tania never waits for opportunities to come her way, she looks for them and makes the most out of them. After moving from South America to Europe – all alone and at a young age – with nothing but her board, being homeless, and learning to speak English, she made her mark on the European skate scene in just two years like it’s no big deal. She skates with endless energy and always brings good vibes, and we often end up in a vicious circle of laughter. That’s when she laughs because of me and I laugh because of her. I’m so happy that our paths crossed and that I can call her one of my best friends. – Cathrine Marquis

How to with Paul Zenner

No matter what it is, it always feels like Paul knows exactly what he wants and is one hundred percent in control of what he’s doing. That’s why we skipped the regular interview format and asked him for a guide on how to succeed

“Robert Did It” – Levi’s in Puerto Rico

A blizzard is likely to be the last natural hazard that you’d consider might affect a trip you were planning to Puerto Rico. However, Charlie, Mikey, and I were delayed by a whole day leaving London and then trapped in a miserable limbo, being shepherded from gate to gate for a seemingly infinite amount of time, all due to a few feet of snow on the runway at JFK. Eventually, we were ushered onto a plane, landed, met the French, and got stuck in San Juan… – Conor Charleson