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Graveyard Angles – The Team Trouble 2021 BBQ

Much like downtowns during lockdowns and curfews, Swiss mountains aren’t exactly overrun by skaters. In winter, of course, you’ll find heaps of snowboarders, but actually skating there? Well, thanks to climate change, snow-covered Alps will soon be a relic of the past, which is why the Laax ski resort is already looking for new ways of activities and has built an indoor skatepark (where the Team Trouble contest is hosted), miniramps, pump tracks, and the Oli Buergin-designed Galaaxy skatepark at 2,252 meters on Crap Sogn Gion. It was on that same mountain where photographer Alan Maag looked over to the so-called “Graveyard,” where all the snowboard obstacles are stored during summer, and thought, “Why not skate those ramps?” Especially in times of climate change, sustainability is an important topic. So if you think outside the box, things can have more than one purpose.

But not only old snowboard ramps were skated. Once up on the mountain, the crew was looking for some more spots and even found an indoor one in an old gondola station.

Silvano Bs Smith Winkel TT BBQ 2021 6600

Silvano Deflorino – Backside Smith