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Issue 50 Cover

Issue 50

Issue #50 feat. – Danijel Stankovic, David Carson & a huge photo special

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Danijel Stankovic – “A real pro”

This interview has been a passion project we've wanted to do for a long time since Danijel Stankovic, aka Jugga, has become a dear friend over the years. He is one of the most fun people to hang with, he loves to chat, and he has so much to tell. He was one of the main guys setting up Nike SB in Europe and initiated numerous projects. He had a part in Pontus's second video, rode for The National, founded his own hat company with Post Details, is involved in Eva skateboards, has close ties to CPH Open and Bryggeriets (or nearly anybody in European skateboarding), and is living in Malmö, one of the best cities for skateboarding in the world. His day job nowadays is Shinner, an app that he and two friends started to work on to create a new skateboard platform especially for the younger generation, like his son, who's just in this exciting age where he lives and breathes skateboarding 24/7. Jugga, however, kind of never left that age and is still watching and reading everything. He cares so much about skateboarding and has more experience and inside knowledge than almost anyone. That's why it made perfect sense to have his interview in the 50th issue and talk about the state of skateboarding. Mr. Stankovic, it's an honor to finally have you in the mag.

David Carson – “What rules?”

When we think of skate magazines, we first and foremost think of photos and the photographers who shot them. Maybe we also think about the editors who dug up some fun stories, guys like Carnie, Nieratko, or Phelps. But for some reason, there was never much attention on the graphic designers putting everything together and making it look good in the end. For Solo, it was important from the beginning to have a well-designed magazine that is a pleasure to pick up – something that looks more like a coffee table book. That’s why we finally wanted to shine a light on the design side of things in our 50th issue and got in contact with David Carson, one of the most famous graphic designers in the world (and a great surfer). Before he created the looks for magazines like Beach Culture, Surfer, or the legendary Ray Gun, started his own studio, won awards, and gave design lectures all around the planet, he had begun his career in 1984 at the newly-created Transworld Skateboarding magazine. From there on, he revolutionized the game and made a name for himself with his unpredictable designs, playing with colors, textures, and typography to create something you won’t find in any rulebook. DIY ethos and no rules – well, that’s as skateboarding as it gets.

Photographer gallery

Photo issues have a tradition in skateboarding and it just felt right to do one for our anniversary. However, we wanted to make it more of a photographer issue than a photo issue. Skateboard photography is in a weird place at the moment. You’re probably able to see more skate photos than ever before, and at the same time, it feels like photos don’t get the appreciation anymore that they used to get. They’re just flying through the screen while you’re doomscrolling. That’s why we wanted to give some insights into the change that skate photography has been going through during the last years from a creative, from a technical, and from a business perspective. We’ll start with three short essays before the stage is set for the photographers.