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Issue 43 Cover

Issue 43

Issue #43 feat. – Leon Charo-Tite, Ryan Townley, Daniel Ledermann, John Gardner, Tor Ström, Nizan Kasper, Hadrien Buhannic and many more

02 SOLO43 Gallery
03 SOLO43 Leon Charo Tite
04 SOLO43 John Gardner
05 SOLO43 Daniel Ledermann
06 SOLO43 Ryan Townley
07 SOLO43 Tor Stroem
08 SOLO43 Nizan Kasper
09 SOLO43 Hadrien Buhannic
10 SOLO43 Belle de Mars

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Leon Charo-Tite – Not doing shit, then doing shit

You might have heard the word on the streets that there is a new ripper in Berlin. If the name Leon Charo-Tite doesn’t ring a bell, you might be more familiar with his Insta handle @streetquarter, which kinda sums up his skating pretty well. When you watch him skate, you can clearly see that he doesn’t think in pigeonholes too much. He belongs to the new breed of skaters that just go out and have fun, whether it’s with a handrail, a slappy curb, or a used glass container (which again makes it fun to watch his skating). However, let Leon describe in his own words how he approaches a day on his board.

John Gardner – Flowers don’t send invitations to the bees

With his 29 years, John Gardner is not a newcomer to skateboarding anymore, but I want to be honest with you, I hadn’t heard his name til his Shoutout Earth DC part this April, which was followed shortly after by his Creature pro part. Since then, I was hooked on his skating, and by a lucky twist of fate, we were able to make this interview happen in kinda like record speed. Like John says in his interview, “Most beautiful things in life just happen without trying so hard.” When the FaceTime cam turns on, I see him sitting in a van in New Jersey, eating a cantaloupe, and waiting for the DC team to finish breakfast and start the day. Besides him being a pro skater, he’s also the team manager for the company. So he’s used to getting up early to get things ready. After a while, I see Evan Smith loading his stuff into the trunk and Wes Kremer sending greetings. The crew is ready and that means that this interview has slowly come to an end, which is a bit of a pity cause I could’ve continued for hours more. However, all good things must come to an end. Maybe for you, this is just the start of experiencing the great and fun skateboarding of John Gardner.

Daniel Ledermann – Don’t worry about anything else except skating

You could say that since his last Solo interview four years ago, a lot has changed in Dani’s life. He lives in a new town now, bought a camera to get into filming, and got a job as a TM. But from a different perspective, nothing really changed at all. He’s still a skate rat that is out in the streets all day long. Period. However, once in a while those streets also take him away from Innsbruck’s Landhausplatz to contests in Rio de Janeiro or a quarantining holiday in Barcelona that was originally intended for going skating together with his friend Joscha Aicher. At least he was able to see Joscha when the video conference for this interview started.


4x5 Portrait - Peters

Ryan Townley – Adding Depth

A creative mind with a unique eye for spots and how to utilize them, you can tell that Ryan Townley is not one to sit around. Firstly, he fills his downtime making art pieces, building a second career along the way, and secondly, by being stacked up on fresh images, with new footage about to drop a short 8 months after his last part “Layers” saw the light of day. Whatever Ryan is up to, be it standing on way too long of rails or squeezing tricks into places no human should be able to fit through, it is always a pleasure to watch.

Filmers – Tor Ström, Nizan Kasper, Hadrien Buhannic

Belle de Mars

Marseille doesn’t only have the legendary bowl and a lot of new, good streetspots, the Mediterranean port town also provides cultural spaces like La Friche la Belle de Mai (where our apartment was located) with its street art, cafés, and a skatepark. To top it all off it has best weather, even in April. It was therefore that the French Vans TM Sam Partaix decided to have a meetup there. But it was not just the Frenchies with Jeanne Duval, Madeleine Larcheron, Lisa Jacob, Romane Panossian myself and, of course, the local hero Chloé Bernard who gathered there. The trip took an international turn with UK’s Helena Long and Amanda Perez, Miriam Marino from Milano, and Louisa Menke from the Netherlands joining as well to film a video during our ten days stay. While exploring the maze of the city we quickly formed a cool little group with a perfect cultural mix: In the evening we taught pétanque to the girls from England, in the morning they taught us intense stretching regardless of the floor covering. Surrounded by a very professional media team whose anecdotes made my gossip curiosity vibrate, following a daily diet based on bread and ham, and wearing super trendy and comfortable shoes, nous n’avions plus qu’à.