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With the dad cam to ESC

A Lovenskate, Warriors, Team Trouble trip

Skateboarding is a big family with close ties. Some closer than others. The ties between the British tea connoisseurs from Lovenskate, the Warriors crew from Lugano, the Team Trouble event in Laax and the ESC in Basel are super close. So they enjoy to hang out once in a while and do fun stuff together. This summer the crew spent some time skating the miniramp in the mountains of Laax and went on a trip to the ESC, while Lovenskates Stu Smith filmed everything dad cam style and Alan Maag shot photos. It might not be the gnarliest skating but it was a fun trip with the family – and isn’t that what skateboarding is about? Catch the good vibes from this “teambuilding event” and get inspired to get your homies in the van as well.

And that’s how Stu Smith puts it:

Team Trouble ; a marriage of skills, the performer, the photographer, the filmer, someone to sweep the floor, watch for the car, someone on camera standby when someone takes a trip to the local medic to get a €300 stitch up on the chin. Someone to NOT spill a full can of lager across the dash of Ewen’s van.

A colidascope of colours; Reds + Yellows = Orange. A delicate symbiotic balance that exists without ego. There is no ‘I’ in orange. Like wise, oranges would not exist without pollinators and the elements.

Artwork… As single images they exist and stand alone, but as you start to combine, to layer, these images start to tell stories, form narrative, spark the Imagination and before too long, each image is complimentary, dependable on the other, greater than the sum of its parts…

…This is Team Trouble.

Photos: Alan Maag

Martino Sort Of Wallie Transfer Blue Ramp Group Laax 2208 7525

Martino Cattaneo – Wallie Transfer

Alice Smith – Kickflip

Alice Smith – Kickflip

Livio Gritti – Handplant Wallride Disaster

Livio Gritti – Handplant Wallride Disaster

Schianta Fs Smith Crap Sogn Gion LAAX 2208 7585

Schianta – Smith Stall

Lucas Ashley – Nosegrind Yank Out

Lucas Healey – Nosegrind Yank Out

Stu Wallie Blue Ramp Group Laax 2208 7493

Stu Smith – Wallie