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Stanley We - The Sculpture

by Roberto, Laura, Stefan & Nizan


For the opening event of this years SKTWK a few creative minds worked together to realize a joint project. Roberto Cuellar built a modular sculpture that got built by Christoph Reinhardt and skated then in Hamburg by the Stanley We crew, which was drawn by Stefan Marx and photographed by Laura Kaczmarek. And in the end Nizan Kasper also presented a videoinstallation of the whole thing at the SKTWK and Aladin Cabart created a zine out of it. Interdisciplinary, multidimensional and now also on the Internet. It’s crazy what art is able to do.

FILM & EDIT : Nizan Kasper

design : Roberto Cuellar
built by : Christoph Reinhardt

SKATING : Kenny Hopf, Christoph Friedmann, Dennis Behrens, Benny Vogel, David Neier, Luis Mathys, Mike Brauer, Johann Rohde, Johannes Keschke, Christoph Reinhardt, Lars Zimmermann

DRAWINGS: Stefan Marx

PHOTOS: Laura Kaczmarek

ZINE: Aladin Cabart