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SKTWK 2022 in Frankfurt

SKTWK – Germany’s yearly celebration of skateboard culture – started in 2018 in Düsseldorf, continued in 2019 and was then forced by Covid to take a break for two years. Finally the event is back and this time it moved on to Frankfurt.


On Wednesday everything started with a group exhibition featuring Clara Knoer, Carolina Gamboa, Maïly Beyrens, Ian Waelder, Marcel Veldman and Lucas Beaufort.


Thursday then brought the first streetsession and what better spot it could have been then the legendary Hauptwache. After Hautpwache was done, everybody moved on to the second spot – a so far not been skated handrail (where the Flip team joined). Maybe it hasn’t been skated because of the mean kink at the end or because of the cobblestones in the landing… Well, this time it had to take some tricks but some contenders had to pay for it. The day ended a bit more chilled with a Rave Race at the Osthafen park, followed by a board release at Bonkers skateshop.


Friday had a skatepark session that was followed by another street mission but just shortly after everybody arrived at the spot it started to rain cats and dogs so it had to be skipped and we went on to the video night. On Saturday there was another bowl session Osthafen but unfortunately somewhere between CPH Open and SKTWK we catched Covid and had to stay in bed. So no photos from this one.