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Red Bull Roller Coaster 2018

At the Red Bull Roller Coaster in Munich's Olympic Park, national and international starters skated a 300-metre-long course over an altitude of 12 metres and encountered all kinds of obstacles on the way. From picnic table to watergap everything was there. Whoever planned to party with the prizemoney had to be a gnarly allrounder.


Prost Joscha Aicher, Max Pack & Jost Arens


Oli Buergin

Oli Buergin, who together with Andreas Schützenberger took care of the construction of the giant ramp, welcomed the whole contest crowd in the capital of Bavaria on Wednesday. Of course in proper style with Brotzeit. 

Go-Skateboarding-Day Session

Since Thursday was June 21st, after the session we went on to a nearby skatepark to celebrate the Go-Skateboarding-Day. There were legends like Pat Duffy, who came to Munich as a judge, or the current SOTY Jamie Foy.


Farid Ulrich - Frontside 360


Pat Duffy

Final Results

1. Jake Ilardi

2. Danny Leon

3. Curren Caples

4. Alex Sorgente

5. Zion Wright

6. Kevin Baekkel

7. Vincent Milou

8. Pedro Barros

9. Jamie Foy

10. Adriana Delfino