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Paul Zenner – “Olydorf”

Content Warning! The following spots may seem excellent at first glance, but appearances can be deceiving. The roads for cars in the former Olympic Village in Munich, which has 3,500 apartments, run underground, resulting in absolute silence. This quietness causes retirees sunbathing on their balconies to perceive every sound as disruptive (soft wheels are ineffective here, and the typically red and yellow bricks are loud as fuck). The maximum skate time is approximately 5-10 minutes until someone shouts from a balcony, expressing a desire for you to never come back. The stress level can skyrocket to an unbearable extent. This is especially true when filming your last trick, and someone tells you directly to your face that you are the absolute worst person on this planet, while three others are yelling at you. Once you enter this seemingly silent area and the skateboard wheels touch the ground, the countdown begins. Therefore, it is strongly advised against filming a complete video part here. It is highly dangerous.