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"p44ppy" by Michael Weiskopf & Gino Fischer


As Cologne is the city of our magazines roots, a city with a glorious past in form of the "Dom era", we always keep an eye on the local scene and try to push it after one of the best spots in Europe is gone. In Germany, Cologne now is mostly known as a city that doesn't have many spots. People move to Berlin or somewhere else where the scene is bigger or more active (to be honest, this is true in a way. You don't want to deal with the hangovers you'll get from drinking Kölsch). But for a while, there is some new energy in town. So my friend Michael Weiskopf and me started this project and it was kind of done in three months. You can see it as a documentation of the process that's happening in the city of Cologne – or just as a result of going on the streets. Cologne is worth a visit!

A video by Michael Weiskopf & Gino Fischer.

Featuring Lutz Schreier, David Bachl, Patrick Sobczyk, Lorenz Schneider, Jan Hoffmann, Niklas Kandziora, Gino Fischer, Friedel Schlör, Chris Kyri, Nils Tulke, Daniel Giesecke, Jost Arens, Johannes Niklas, Max Paasch, Mats Johanssen.

Addtional filming by Niklas Kandziora & Thorsten Weckenbrock.