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Obtain Company presents "Obtain 4"

There's something special about the western German Ruhr area and it's hard to describe in a few words. You could maybe try it with "down-to-earth", "honest" or "rough". All those terms match with the area and the people living there, but can't fully describe the feelings we catch if we just spent some time in one of the big cities in that metropole. The guys from Obtain got their roots there and once again mastered the task to create a video that makes you catch that feelings just from watching it. With a sweet spot for them we are proud to present their fourth full-length to you. Enjoy!

A video by Lennart Miketta.

Featuring Julian Adomako, Andre Müller, Justin Ernst, Stephan Weimar, Stephan Hauptmann, Lennart Miketta, Julian Tschierschke, Rene Gräsel Tarek Sayoud, Patty Paulenz, Bartosz Mlodystach, Chris Amerkamp, Lisa Rölleke, Linus Jansky, Benedikt Brinkert, Eric Springborn, Kevin Bratko, Otman Tala, Yassin Mgherbi, Marcel Zylka, Lea Isabell Uhle, Julius Lehmann, Dustin Bialas & Max Paasch.