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Obtain – Leftover

The name "Leftover" may not be the most advantageous for a video that you want people to watch... but that's the way the Pott is. Honest to the bone. It's just good that if the guys from Obtain have some leftover footage, it's still on a different level.

Leftover, as the title already reveals, is the collection of the remaining clips that were filmed during the last two years. Matching to the drop of the Fall/Winter 19 collection, Obtain now gives us an insight into the video material, which unfortunately didn't make it directly into the full length edits. The video features Justin Ernst, Benedikt Brinkert, Bartosz Młodystach, Patrick Skippy Vetter, Andre Müller, Eric Springborn, Carlo Brummel, Julian Tschierschke, Lennart Miketta, Rene Gräsel, David Skaliks, Stefan Rinsche & Rouven Lüer.