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Jérémie Daclin – Film Trucks Interview

Tomorrow a new clip with Leo Valls and Tom Botwid will be released, which they filmed for the French truck company Film Trucks. The company was started by Jérémie Daclin, who also was the man behind Cliché before. Now he’s on new territory but still doing his personal product tests at the slappy curb in Lyon.

After Cliché, how was the transition to Film trucks then? What brought you to producing trucks?

When Cliché Skateboards stopped I asked myself: Do you still wanted to do your own thing or do you want to work for the industry? I really wanted to start something new. I’v always been picky on every little details on boards, trucks & wheels. So trucks were the most challenging item on a skateboards.

What is special about Film trucks?

It’s special cause it’s a Euro truck company. And because it’s a Euro company, it makes the prices lower than US brands. It’s also special cause I can push the riders with some colorway trucks, with some royalties, and I also pay some pro riders . The design is also special. The baseplate design is based on a parking block. The hangers are designed with the "golden ratio". A golden ratio logo is also hidden and engraved on the hanger. Try to find it ;)

Is there a huge difference between running a board and a truck company?

I really want to run Film trucks as a board company. Lots of new colors and new graphics every drop. Some pro models, some collabs with artists, some collabs with skate companies and do some tours and videos and new stuff every two or three months.

I actually have no clue how it works to start a truck company from scratch. How does that work?

The main difference to a board company is that you have to pay for some molds and molds are super expensive. For a board company, if you want a 8.2, you ask the woodshop and that’s it. For a truck company, if you want a new baseplate or a new size you have to pay for a new mold and it takes some time and lots of money. That’s why no one is making some trucks. [laughs]

How do you develop a truck and how does manufacturing work?

I’m working with an engineer from the USA who works in the skate Industry. We talked about what I wanted, the way it should turn, the design and everything and he came back to me with some samples and we oped up some molds and so on.


Slappy Frontside Crooked | Photo: Fred Mortagne

Do you make them especially good for slappies? Or for Tom with extra bonk stability?

[laughs] Sort of. They are reinforce around the bushing. You use this part a lot when your board slides and the kingpin is very low so it makes less smith grind or feeble hang ups but Film trucks are made for a everyday use.

How did it go that Leo and Tom filmed a part together?

They both visited each other in Malmö & Bordeaux for a few days. I really like the way they skate and they are very complementary. They both push skateboarding in their own way. They really do their own things with lots of personality. It’s very interesting.

Who are the rest of the team riders?

Jarne Verbruggen, Adrien Coillard, Bastien Marlin, Arno Wagner, Enzo Morel, Fred Ploq Santos, Victor Campillo, Lucien Genand, Anton Myrvold, Ben Koppel, Mickael Mackrodt, Victor Casarigny, Michel Kaba and a few more.

And what’s coming up next?

We’ll make a tour and film in the South of France in March. Thanks and grind more curbs!