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Helsinki HELride 2019


Helsinki HELride has successfully brought people together from all over the world for the 5th time, this three day event is growing into something you definitely want in next years calendar!

Tuomas Kulju Street Grab Photo Sam Clark

Tuomas Kulja – Ollie Japan Grab

Stavros Razis Wallride Photo Sam Clark

Stavros Razis – Wallride

2019 kicked off on Thursday with Falafals overlooking a popular wall ride spot to get everyone warmed up. Then a short push to a low to high ledge where those with a bit of pop could win some cash! Not far from there a steep ass bank with limited roll away made for quite a spectacle as people sent themselves towards the ground in the hope of walking away with some money. Rain pulled in and it seemed like they day was done. There was one more spot planned however: a bump over rail that Simon Karlsson single handily shut down in the wet!

Julian Dykmans No Comply Photo Sam Clark

Julian Dykmans – No Comply

Simon Karlsson Flip Photo Sam Clark

Simon Karlsson – Kickflip

Simon Karlsson Bs Noseblunt Photo Sam Clark

Simon Karlsson – Backside Noseblunt

Friday kicked off with another bump over bar. This time on a beautiful sunny day at the newly renovated Amos Rex square followed by a session on a one of a kind glass bank. From there to the 12 stair where Dlamini Dlamini sent the crowd into hysterics with a perfect Nollie Backside Flip. The day was brought to an end with girls Bowl jam, live music and beers in the Finnish sunshine.

Dlamini Dlamini – Frontside Flip

Soloskatemag Helride2019 Paralax

Dlamini Dlamini – Frontside Flip

Eniz Fazliov Nosegrind 180 Photo Sam Clark

Eniz Fazliov – Nose Grind Backside Revert

As tradition goes Saturday was spent at Suvilahti DIY where a few best tricks challenges were had throughout the park. The main event of the day was however the Monster Death Race. A race where rules don't seem to matter as sabotage is all part of the game! All eyes were on Kevin Baekkel and Dario Mattarollo after a heated final last year, and this year was no different. Well Done Kevin on another victory!

Till next year!

Amy Ram And Emma Fastesson Death Race Photo Sam Clark

Amy Ram & Emma Fastesson

Dallas And Chloe Photo Sam Clark

Chloe Bernard & Dallas Rockvam

Sam Beckett Wall Bash Photo Sam Clark

Sam Beckett – Wall Bash

Chloe Bernard Photo Sam Clark

Chloe Bernard

Madars Apse Switch Ollie Photo Sam Clark

Madars Apse – Switch Ollie

Yann Horowitz Gap Tailslide Photo Sam Clark

Yann Horowitz – Gap Tail Slide