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"Grain II" by Frederick Schneider

Frederick Schneider's new Video „Grain II“ shows the connection of skaters and crews coming from different parts of Germany (and representing different local brands/shops like Robotron, Arrow&Beast, brett-à-porter, DSHILD). This close to 15 minute video project came to life by 11 months of travels through Germany, filming in different Cities like Stuttgart, Berlin, Frankfurt, Munich, Leipzig, Cologne, Saarbrücken, the filmmaker's hometown Tübingen and abroad in Spain, France and Greece.

Starring: Leo Mattasits, Vanessa Konte, Lutz Schreier, Tim Janke, Lorenz Rammelsberg, Tabo Löchelt, Leon Merschmann, Manu Ringwald, Benny Ringwald, Totti Herrmann, Jonas Egeler, Sem Tesfai, Matthias Bednorz, Max Barthel, Moritz Marquardt, Moritz Ueberall, Maarten van Melis, Damian Gribl, Marius Mohr, Josua Wielandt, Sebastian Weiß, Jonas Lieder, Sinh Tai Nguyen, Jonathan Stoppel, Lorenz Frey, Tim Kreuzer, Julian Strass, Nils Zoican, Marvin Rausch, Pascal Solich, Denis Puchala, Philipp Merz, Marvin Sauer, Reece Knobloch, Lilli Werner, Gilbert Garcia-Dias, Leo Döberlein, Denis Nitsche, Nini Schaible, Joscha Aicher, Maxi Schaible, Michael Jesus Häusler, Kai Boblenz, Simon Gärtner

"Visiting the homies in different cities to film the new video but also realizing that new connections among themselves are happening because of filming for one video is a really nice side effect!"

Frederick Schneider

Frederick Schneider – Photo by Josua Wielandt

SOLO Grain2 Frederick Schneider Vanessa Konte Bs5050

Vanessa Konte – Backside 50-50 – Photo by Ken Werner

SOLO Grain2 Frederick Schneider Crew

Crew – Photo by Josua Wielandt

Athen23 Fullsize 58

Lorenz Rammelsberg & Tim Janke – Photo by Josua Wielandt

"For the video premieres in Tübingen, Cologne, Stuttgart & Berlin skaters who got clips in the final video traveled a longer distance from their hometown and got to know each other."