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Frederick Schneider – "Grain"

Do you remember growing up skating and slowly making some foot steps out of your local scene? Going to bigger cities if you are from the countryside, connecting to new people from different scenes, making new friends all over your region and country? This is probably kind of a magic time for every serious skateboarder out there. "Grain" by filmer Frederick Schneider shows what can be the product of that connections. So take a look at what is the product of the bond between skaters from all over Germany – put well together in a cinematic project you will remember.

With Leo Mattasits, Denis Puchala, Nils Zoican, Alex Schultz, Michael Jesus Häusler, Kai Boblenz, Patrick Pfeifer, Benny Ringwald, Kijan Ghanavati, Manu Ringwald, Nils Heidtmann, Tim Janke, Marius Mösner, Moritz Marquardt, Loco, Maarten van Melis, Damian Gribl & Richard Schulz.

Video by Frederick Schneider

With all trips there come some photos, so take a look at the small gallery that shows the process and people behind the video.