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"faith in bro" by Daniel Dent

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Daniel Dent's videos always have a good vibe and this time, the title says it all. Friendships from all over the world, taking place in Los Angeles. You can feel it; and when it's about the footage of guys like Nick Michel, Chris Milic, Jamie Platt & more, you want it.

With Oski, Frankie Decker, Ville Wester, Salomon Cardenes, Aidan Olmstead, Colin Brophy, Pat Gallaher, Robert Blazek, Chris Ramos, Myles Underwood, Cooper Winterson, Jamie Platt, Evan Wasser, Chris Milic, Mitch Metzger, Shane Farber, Nick Rios, Noah Lora, Justice Lora, Cruise Mosberg, Smiler, Kevin Shealy, Zac Gracie, Jesse Alba, Jonathan Flechas, Jack O'Grady, Baltimore Loth, Gabe Thompson, Dustin Henry, Nick Michel, Nelly Morville, Lawrence Quero, Charlie van Lent, Micheal Scheidt, Kris Burkhardt, Diego Todd, Rowan Zorilla & Dylan Mills.