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A Stroll with the GoPro Hero 9

Let's face it, you're not going to need the chest strap unless you jump out of planes for fun and the front-facing display will only be used for casual booger checking. The GoPro Hero 9 nevertheless has quite a few strong suits that make it a versatile and usefull companion on a skatesession! We tested it on a stroll along Copenhagen's "Superkilen" with a handful of hungry locals!

Ease of use:

The GoPro Hero 9 comes with easy to understand menus and customizable presets, to easily switch between regular filming, slow-mos, timelapse and whatever else you fancy. As it takes care of most functions on it's own, there's not alot of prior knowledge necessary to get good looking results!

Favourite Settings:

Make sure to set the resolution to something your computer can handle. We opted for 60fps and to make your footy look more "raw" and less overedited, make sure to dial down sharpness and choose the flat color profile.

The ultimate homie-cam:

Ever hand your camera off to a homie and cringe at the shockingly shaky results? The GoPro definitely gets rid of most camera shake and delivers smooth results with "hypersmooth" activated no matter what.