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A Glitchy Gallery: Andrea Benítez

We were longing for a haptic experience in these times of increasingly rapid digitalization. These images of Andrea Benítez shot in Copenhagen were printed, just to scan them again – pulling the image along with the scanning strip to create glitches. In the end, they look even more digital, as if an AI had tried to build a skate photo. However, they are real handwork. There may have been even more if Andrea hadn’t had to travel spontaneously to the Olympics as a replacement for Candy Jacobs, who was infected with COVID. Where are the people now who always said, “Let the Olympics happen, they won’t take away anything from the skateboarding you like”?

Given the opportunity, we also asked Andrea to answer our trusty "Yours Truly" catalogue of questions, to get a glimpse of the person behind the pixels!

Your town:

From Algeciras but I live in Madrid

Your crew:

ANX Family

Your shop:

Life skate farm

Andrea Benitez Backtail Felix Adler TUNE


Your spot:


Your trick:

Bs smith grind

Your song:

Street by Street - Laufey

Andrea Benitez Wallride Felix Adler TUNE


Your video:

Bag of suck

Your shoe:

Adidas Superstar

Your pant:

Dickies double knee / Adidas Tyshawn

Your motto:

Promise not to change, in order to adapt.

Andrea Benitez Crooks Felix Adler TUNE


Your drink:

Oat latte all day long

Your dream:

TIMELESS. Coming soon…

Andrea Benitez nocomplytail Felix Adler TUNE

No Comply Tailslide