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Danny Sommerfeld – “Gildan”

Danny Sommerfeld was part of our 50th issue gallery special and just participated with a blank doublepage spread and the call to take your own photos, since it’s way more fun (He later on customized some issues, if you want to get the limited and exclusive Danny Sommerfeld copies, just put it as a comment when you order the issue). Since he didn’t shoot a photo, he had time to skate in front of the lense of Friedjof Feye, another participant of the gallery. But Friedjof also didn’t shoot pictures, he filmed with an old cam and took screengrabs of it. Well, lots of fun went into the production of the gallery – as you also can see in the video that Friedjof made. Luckily fun is the only important thing, when it comes to skateboarding.

Danny and I hadn’t seen each other for a while, so we had a lot to talk about and actually went skating quite a lot for a few days. Together with Kassel local Jonas Albrecht and a 20 year old video camera (with which we also took the photos for issue 50), we wandered around the city with our boards but without a real plan. Humorously we always called the approach summer vacations 2004. The result is a video that, like skateboarding in general, should not be taken too seriously. – Friedjof Feye

I ❤️ Kassel. Everybody come to skate here. There’s enough space. – Danny Sommerfeld