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Merca Xina

If you’ve flipped through the pages of our recent issue, you probably have seen the editorial pic with Maxi Schaible grinding the hood of a car. It’s a sick shot on its own but it wasn’t the only photo Maxi got this day. It was taken at a session at a Chinese wholesale market in Barcelona. The market area consists of a few streets and while you’re in there, you not only get everything you need for Chinese cuisine, you also tend to think that you’re actually in China. That’s what photographer Friedjof Feye told us and he was also kind enough to send us the other photos of this session.

Frontside Bluntslide

„Four tries only!“ shouted this elderly man who spoke a proper catalan. Indeed the majority of the Chinese community in Spain has at least intermediate language skills. If you judge people by the way they look, it will be the beginning of a dangerous road. Frontside bluntslide to a different, but no less dangerous road.

Frontside 50-50

There are more than 70.000 people of Chinese background living in Barcelona. Many of them work in the restaurant or textile industry. Only a handful work in this specific shop for kids clothing and were able to witness Maxis‘ 50-50. What a merciful fate!

Fakie 5-0 pop over

According to the long working hours Chinese people are statistically the hardest working ethnic group in Spain. Nevertheless they are reported to use the least medical service. Just like Maxi who stood safe while working hard for this fakie 5-0 pop out.

Frontside 50-50

China is BMWs third-largest market. So its anything but a surprise that dozens of BMWs can be found in this wholesale area. This abandoned one wasn’t originally meant to be skated, but Maxi of course couldn’t hold his fire.