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Carhartt WIP – “Precious”

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You can see that Carhartt WIP is originally a workwear brand cause they have a tireless work ethic. “Inside Out” (which was also edited by Joaquim Bayle) was released not even two years ago and the next video project Precious is already around the corner. This time, it was filmed entirely in the US. We asked some of the guys what they consider precious themselves.

Eddie cernicky roll in

Roll In

Eddie Cernicky

- Being at the Airbnb with everyone, making collaborations on meals, hanging out and all, taking the train together.

- My surfboards.

- “It’s not that serious.”

- I’d say the impossible front crook because it was really fun skating it with Noah [Mahieu].

Willow crooked to 50 50

Crooked to 50-50


- All of us hanging out at the arcade, having beers, playing air hockey and bowling.

- My dad’s first skateboard he handmade, my dog, and on a trip, my music playlist is very precious as well.

- Pretty much anything that comes out of Riley’s mouth.

- Definitely the fs crooks to switch 5-0 on the curved ledge in NYC. Took like three hours or so!

Notis aggelis bs bluntslide to wallride

Backside Bluntslide to Wallride

Notis Aggelis

- Both trips were really precious to me as I got a chance to go to the US for the first time and it’s always precious being with everyone!

- My pack of smokes.


- Probably that blunt into the tree!

Riley pavey noseslide


Riley Pavey

- At the end of the day after skating, all going back to the Airbnb, hanging out and cooking dinner with each other. It was such a wholesome trip and such a dope crew. I don’t think you could recreate that trip again if you tried.

- My car that my granddad and uncle both owned (RIP).

- “School taught me to shit, but the streets taught me to wipe.”

- The noseslide into the bank. The whole squad (20 deep) was out that day and everyone was clipping up. Then ending with a BBQ at the crib.

Ibu sanyang kickflip


Ibu Sanyang

- Honestly, I really liked the trip from the airport to the Airbnb. Discovering the city for the first time through the taxi was a beautiful experience. Maybe the video itself cause it’s like a book of memories from that trip, every image might bring me memories.

- My family and friends.

- “Bite your nails, bitch.”

- It wasn’t a trick, it was just a precious moment. We met an old puppeteer lady in the streets of New York one night and spent 20 minutes talking with her. She was funny and awesome!