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Autobahn 58

A (gladly not so) German tour

Soloskatemag Farid Wallie

Farid – Wallride Kickflip

Soloskatemag Bigflip

Hyun Kummer – Bigspinflip

Although we’re only dealing with a tour article in a skate magazine and not the lead article of a weekly newspaper, it is sometimes still important to take a political stand, especially because the trip started at the day of the Chemnitz #wirsindmehr [#wearemore] concert, where thousands of people stood up against the unbearable right wing pressure that has been spreading in Germany for a while like an epidemic thought to be long overcome. At this point it is important to point out one of the great things about skateboarding, that it actually works to put together people from different nations, races, colors, or whatever to just have a good time (and eat more Schnitzel and knuckle than a Bavarian brass music club at the Oktoberfest). Why should that not work for the whole society then? Oh well. Further more, to all the Nazis, AfD [German right wing political party] voters, Pegida [Patriotic Europeans Against the Islamisation of the Occident] followers, and those “I’m not a Nazi, but…” douchebags, you can sincerely fuck off!

Soloskatemag Erik Stall

Erik – Smith Stall

Soloskatemag 58 Kickflip

Michal – Kickflip

Kanya Bs Overcrook 40Cm Jpeck

Kanya – Backside Overcrooked

Soloskatemag Hyun Rail

Hyun – Ollie over to FS Shuvit

Michael – Gap to Manual

Soloskatemag 58 Paralax

Michael – Gap to Manual

Soloskatemag 58 9

Hyun – BS Lipslide Shove-it

Soloskatemag 58 10

Hyun – BS Lipslide Shove-it

Soloskatemag Michi Noserevert

Michi – Nosegrind Revert

Soloskatemag 58 6

Michi – FS 360

Soloskatemag 58 5

Hyun – Kickflip

Danke an alle Shops vor Ort: Civilist, Lobby, Bonkers, Blowout und Arrow&Beast