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A Tip from Palomino #3

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I'm not sure if there is a person on this continent (possibly planet) who has a larger collection of skateboard books, magazines or zines and knows more about them than Nick Sharratt. That's why he eventually founded The Palomino, a small online store from London to supply print lovers with the finest stuff. And for all of you who want to stay up to date on print products in skateboarding, we’ve asked Nick to present his highlights regularly from now on.


Where to start on these? Without doubt the two books that make up this collection of Ari Marcopoulos' polaroids from California and New York are as good as any books I have seen with skateboarding as their subject. Ari found a box containing these photos whilst moving studios in 2018 and they have now being brought together in these two volumes beautifully produced by Dashwood Books. The vast majority of these have never been seen before.

The CA book was shot mainly in San Francisco, but also in Santa Rosa and at Max Schaaf’s iconic ramp in Oakland it features Julien Stranger, Ethan Fowler, Bob Burnquist, Max Schaaf and many more at what was the centre of the skateboarding universe at the time. The NY one features the crews that frequented some of the most iconic spots at one of the pivotal moments in the history of street skateboarding. With Justin Pierce, Harold Hunter, Maurice Key, Keith Hufnagel, Jeff Pang, Fred Gall, Matt Reason and so many more. Mostly but not exclusively shot at the Brooklyn Banks, it's an amazing trip back to this hugely revered time and place.

“As time has passed there are many names that I remember but some unfortunately I can no longer recall. These images are a result of a collaboration and understanding between the subjects and the observer. I want to thank everyone that appears in them.”


A wonderful first book from NYC resident Quartersnacks associate Zach Baker, bringing together his point and shoot 35mm photography from 2011 until 2018, "The resultant culmination of a years-long staring problem".

Collapsed buildings, nakedness, nightclubs, skateboarding, holiday parks, friends on the beach, along with the myriad weird and funny situations and characters we come across spending so much time in the streets as skateboarders. No doubt you will recognise some familiar faces in there if you are a fan of NYC skateboarding.

A really rad book by someone whos photography you may not have come across before.


Alex Olson releases his first collection of photography through New York’s Paradigm. Alex's photos of street side shopping carts in Red were shot in 2012 in LA, with Red being the first book in a planned series covering the 7 colours of the spectrum. It also features an introduction by Craig Stecyk III which is a pretty fantastic way to start your first ever photobook. As with all Paradigm books the presentation and finish of Red is just next level, it’s another beautiful book from the guys in New York.


The vital new Summer 2020 issue of Eby Ghafarian's brilliant NYC magazine Stoops, sadly very much of it's time but equally as uplifting as it is solemn.

Featuring Being Black Is Not A Crime by Randy Lee with photography by Sam McKenna, interviews with Brad Cromer, Carl Aikens and Charlie Cassidy, and pieces on John Shanahan's apparent lack of stance and the most recent generation of young NYC skaters. All this alongside Matt Militano, Shaun Paul, Jameel Douglas, Josh Wilson, Hiroki Muraoka, Autteish Danger, Kaue Cossa, Dick Rizzo, Quim Cardona and more in the One Offs gallery feature with photography by Eby himself, Mac Shafer, Cole Giordano, Sam McKenna, Mike Heikilla, Darnell Scott, and Todd Midler.

It’s always such a great postcard from New York City.

One of the most handsome series of books is back for a third installment, photographer Quentin De Briey's yearly visual diary, Thank You For Your Business.

Number 3 features Tyler Blue Golden, Aidan Mackey, Tyshawn Jones, Mark Gonzales, William Strobeck, Magnus Bordewick, Erik Ellington, Chase Walker, Keith Hardy, Malgosia Bela, Danny Fox, Toni Cox, Joey Bada$$, and more alongside Quentin's beautifully saturated landscape, documentary and street photography. The colours are as ever just incredible, perfectly suited to the subjects and the paper that they are printed on.