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A Tip from Palomino #2

I'm not sure if there is a person on this continent (possibly planet) who has a larger collection of skateboard books, magazines or zines and knows more about them than Nick Sharratt. That's why he eventually founded The Palomino, a small online store from London to supply print lovers with the finest stuff. And for all of you who want to stay up to date on print products in skateboarding, we’ve asked Nick to present his highlights and here is his best of for March.


The latest ‘zine/book from Brooklyn based Colin Sussingham, following up from his hugely popular book Boys: A Decade Of Skateboarding In NYC. Made up of Colin's work from 2016-2017, No Breaks is a project that Colin allowed to grow organically, pulling this collection together beginning in 2016 and returning to it periodically. The result is an amazing selection of landscape, street, skate and portrait photography, a thoroughly calming tonic to the times we find ourselves in

"The title to me had a bit of double meaning. One literal meaning that there were no breaks in the ‘zine, it's full bleed the whole way through. And the second was like, in my head, I felt like I just needed to keep pushing my work and not stop at any time. Take no breaks, just keep working, shooting and trying to keep pursuing what I love doing". It’s an absolute pleasure to spend time with, and also contains one of the greatest back smith photos you could ever wish to see.


A special 'zine from Jonathan Rentschler. Anyone who has picked up any of Jonathan’s previous 'zines or books knows how amazing his work is and the attention he pays to the presentation of his work. Dill is no different using Xerox print on heavy silver paper.

Dill features a series of photographs shot during a night Jonathan spent with Jason Dill and friends in New York City, in Jonathan's own words it’s "Something between a character study and a fanzine". It's a wonderful portrait of one of skateboarding's most loved personalities in some of his favourite places, East Village Bistro, Luciens, and on the rooftop of a Lower East Side tenement.


Daniel Bismoor's new magazine dedicated to rural and DIY skateboarding. This first issue features Switzerland's insane Patio Bowl built by Thomas Schumann, a piece on the French Alps incredible Saint Jean De Maurienne DIY, an interview with Fos (the man behind Heroin Skateboards), a backyard DIY in Michigan, Swiss board manufacturer LGS, Washington State's stink diy, Finnish rampbuilder Jaakko Saavalainen and more. Obviously skateboarding is naturally associated with the urban environment but RRL proves that the hills are also harbouring amazing scenes, and that if there are no spots you just have to build them yourself. To my knowledge the first magazine dedicated to skateboarding in the countryside.


Any release from Spain’s Handshake Books is always worth looking out for. Burdein is a very handsome book documenting a camping trip through the Bordeaux region of France by the Sevenmad crew, featuring photography by Clement Legall, Felipe Bartolomé, James Munk, Roger González, Dani Quintero, Borja Bernal, Rafa Cort and Xavier Jacobs. In their own words, "A highly curated selection of photographs from the Sevenmad crew about a Gypsy trip to Bordeaux". Camping in the flat bottom, street skating, wine, lurking, transition skating, wine, homies and hi-jinx.

Get in the van and get on the road with the crew.