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Winter Bright 2017 Gallery

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Again it was cold and, as a matter of routine, there was less going on at the Winterbright than it is in summer. Nevertheless, there were enough events to run across the city and still don't have time to say "Hi" to everyone.

Recap: It began already before the actual start of the fair with an exhibition of Brian Anderson and Nick Jensen at Civilist presented as part of Brian's Nike SB collection. At Tuesday the fair started and we just finished our booth in time. After print has been frequently declared as dead, we decided to build up a mini graveyard (with World Industries references). In addition, Steve Caballero was in town because of the 25th anniversary of his Halfcab shoe and brought some of his artworks to the Vans Store. Finally, the BESA Awards were on the agenda, where Europe's finest gets honored and awarded. Several final parties followed, but the memories are quite blurry now. On Wednesday evening there was this funny Pop x Post x Civilist Quiz where our collegues at Free won the Supernerd trophy. We weren't able to shine, because we couldn't copy from the SHRN boys. Where have you been, guys? Unfortunately, we couldn't make it to the party of the colleagues at Place, but surely they took some pictures themselves.

BESA Results:

European Skater of the Year: Daan Van Der Linden European Female Skater of the Year: Josie Millard Brand of the Year: Sour Skateboards Shop of the Year: FTC Barcelona Rookie of the Year: Jacopo Carrozi Photographer of the Year: Alex Pires Videographer of the Year: Ben Chadourne Video part of the Year: Daan Van Der Linden Video of the Year: Polar: I like it here inside my mind. Don’t wake me up this time. Skate Aid Charity of the Year: SOS Children Village Palestine Media of the Year: Grey Skate Mag