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Vladik Scholz – Fashion Statement


Back in the days Vladik Scholz always ordered the same chinos from his sponsor but if it has to be perfect you have to do it yourself. It took four days of YouTube tutorials for the first prototype of his very own pants. Meanwhile Vladik is more experienced. He did an internship at a fashion designer in cologne and is currently studying "textile technology and product development". On the side he still tailors pant. If you want one of Vladiks pants unfortunately we have to disappoint you: At the moment Vladik only tailors for his own wardrobe. You have to act like him and become active. But because Vladik is a nice guy maybe he gives you a little help.

The 5 steps to your own pants:

- Either you're lucky and the gender stereotypes in your surrounding still work and your mom or girlfriend lets you borrow a sewing machine or you're unlucky and you’re living in a bubble where the only manual fashion work is the mouse click to order the newest Supreme drop. Then you have to buy one. No matter in which sociological class you’re living: Without a sewing machine there are no pants.

-Go to a fabric store and get the fabric you need. (There was a pun about weed in the German text we weren’t able to translate).

-The golden rule is the right cutting sheet. If your Burda abo just expired Vladik has a tip for you - even if it means sacrifice. He took his favorite pair of pants to cut it in parts and use it as a template. The pattern you just copy with a piece of chalk to the fabric you bought.

-Cut out all pieces. With the right fabric scissors of course. The old thing you found in your pencil case from your first grade will not work at all and you should have thrown it away already.

-The final touch is to neaten the edges (Yes. A technical term means: watch a tutorial) so that the fabric doesn't fray. After that you can start sewing the pieces together. Voila! Who was this Lagerfeld again?

You find a full interview with Vladik in our issue #32.