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Visiting Willow’s World

Christoph “Willow” Wildgrube without a doubt is one of the best German skateboarders of all time. He was riding for etnies, had a pro board on Almost and was known for jumping down some of the gnarliest spots out there. But all good things come to an end and at some point Willow’s skateboard career stopped. He moved on to carpentry and making art and furniture out of old skateboards. We haven’t heard of him for a while but since he’s not living far from our office in Cologne, in a little city called Erftstadt, we wanted to swing by for a miniramp session in his backyard and to see what he’s up to nowadays? But instead of having a little chit chat about miniramp tricks the conversation quickly became more serious, tackling topics like anxiety, the stress in a 9-to-5 world and his transition out of skateboarding that was harder for Willow than we have thought.