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EU Trippin with Joscha Aicher – The Road to the Vans Shop Riot: Venero (Spain)

The Vans Shop Riot is now in its 14th year and back with a facelift. It’s still a meetup of the best European shops and shop riders but from now on the finals will be in February on Skate Shop Day and the changes to the contest format will include a mix of individual and team skate competitions as well as creative team challenges, with focus on team spirit, fun and relentless progression. To keep you updated and also give you some insights into the shops and the cities they’re part of, we’ll release a video about all the winners of the regional qualifiers over the next months and we start with the three times Shop Riot winners (including 2023) who have already won the first qualifier event this weekend in Spain again: Venero. Joscha Aicher and filmer Paul Labadie have visited them to find out their secret of success.