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SEND IT! – Red Bull in Japan

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After the Red Bull team visited USA and Europe with the "Drop-In” tour in previous years, it was now time for Asia and Zion Wright, Ryan Decenzo, Torey Pudwill, Margie Didal, Alex Sorgente, Jake Wooten and Maxim Habanec went to Japan where Ginwoo Onodera and Yumeka Oda joined the crew. The tour began with a demo in Tokyo and ended in Osaka where the summertime temperatures brought some sweat-soaked night-demo time. We take a look behind the scenes through snapshots of the crew. For all the action you have to wait till October, when the official tour clip will be released.

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"I think my favorite moment in Japan was when Ira stole the hotel trolley for the bags and pretty much used it like a skateboard. He went down the street for a few hundred metres and the ladies from the reception were chasing him down. Another one is the skateboard blanket. Jake fell asleep in the van and Ryan covered him with all our skateboards and called it skateboard blanket so that Jake could sleep comfy."

Maxim Habanec

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The skateboard blanket

IMG 3194

Lots of square cars…

IMG 2200

…and temples.

IMG 5931

Lots of video game looking spots as well.

IMG 0197

But lots of them are a no!

"I was surprised how much we got kicked out of spots in Japan. The security gives you the 🙅 and usually they are quick about it so you have to get your tricks quick."

Alex Sorgente

IMG 2174

Best snack in Japan

IMG 3179

Japanese street food hits different

"Japan is such a beautiful country, much larger cities than I originally imagined. The food was my favorite part, sushi and waygu and so many different unique options. My personal highlight was getting to go to the Pokémon center"

Jake Wooten

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Pokémon center

IMG 2153

Just a little pup at a demo

IMG 3287

Selfie time

IMG 3198

Fan at demo

IMG 3372

Dinner time

IMG 4700

Treat your filmers well! Margie giving a head massage to Ira.

IMG 6101

Instructions were unclear

IMG 6242

Zion knows how to ride the bullet train