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Sardona – Where the mountains are upside down

When the African and European continent collided 40 million years ago, the much older African plate was thrust over the European plate and this collision zone was pushed upwards, creating an alpine plateau. Wind, water, and erosion carved valleys out of this plateau, creating the region of Sardona.

Sardona was the third chapter of the Doodah crew’s ongoing project The Valleys of Helvetia. Secluded valleys like Glarus, seemingly unskateable to many, are full of hidden gems to us. While most skateboarders dream of marble curbs and fresh asphalt, we cherish riding spots hidden in nature, far from the urban jungle. The missions are rough, raw, and full of adventures. Getting to the spots often is the first one, cleaning them and making them skateable a hustle, but getting a trick on those crusted spots makes the struggle worthwhile.

Doodah Glarus 13 by Filip Zuan

Timmey Krauer – Noseblunt pop in

Doodah Glarus 19 by Filip Zuan

Christoph Rediger – Frontside Ollie

"I go to seek a Great Perhaps – François Rabelais"

Doodah Glarus 17 by Filip Zuan

Oli Weismantel – Pivot to fakie

"When the well is dry, we know the worth of water – Benjamin Franklin"

Doodah Glarus 25 by Filip Zuan

Timmey Krauer – Pivot to fakie

Doodah Glarus 24 by Filip Zuan

Timmey Krauer – Frontside Flip

"Everyone left and we have remained on a path that goes on without us ― Gabriela Mistral"