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OG.2000 – "One Note Is All It Takes"

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Coming from Switzerland, the OG.2000 crew seems to establish itself in the European scene, whether with their love for Zinedine Zidane from their last video or the power from this one, including lots of footage from Athens & Marseille.

Featuring Celian Cordt-moller, Luc Boimond, Jordan Queijo, John Katsounos, Ioannis Mavraggelos, Saphep Tang, Valentin Verd, Guillaume Berthet, Victor Campillo, Antoine Rauber, Manny Hernandez, Gabriel Zufferey, Florian Byrne-sutton, Andrea Crispini, Till Weber, Lukas Bigun, Ronaldo Magno, Jacky, Ernest Gaudray, Simon Perrottet, Morgan Katumba, Lilian Ceccon, Lilian Fev, Nico Gisonno, Elliot Bonnabel, Stefan Brodard & Lil Bendo.

Video by Guillaume Berthet.