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Matheus Du Bronks – “Labirinto”

Labirinto is an independent full length video project by Bruno Rocha, filmed in almost 5 years and 8 countries feat. Akira Utida, André Saide, Bruno Prado, Claudio Junio, Felipe De Carvalho, Gustavo Dos Anjos, Leonardo Favaro, Lucas Marques, Matheus Du Bronks, Mauricio Carvalho/Patrick Vidal, Simone Terzi, Tallys Junior - Al Carrer mix, Barcelona Mix, Brasil Mix, CPTMAFIA mix. The guys also got a lot of your favorite skateboard magazines involved, so different parts will be hosted on different channels. We’re happy to present you Sao Paulo born and Barcelona based Matheus Du Bronks, who skates both manual pads and big stairs with the same ease and precise style. But you might know that, if you saw his recent output already. Keep your eyes open for more stuff from Matheus.

Here’s what Bruno says about the video:

“More than a traditional full length skate video the idea was to bring up moments of questioning and reflection about themes from existentialism to racism, through a collection of audios, animations, texts and also some easter eggs hidden in the course of the video. The idea appeared in my mind in 2016 while I was studying the myth of ''Cretan Labyrinth'', that summed up tells the story about a labyrinth created in order to hide the negative side effect/s of King Minos greediness/greed. By applying the ideology of the myth to our current times, I still see ourselves trapped in a Labyrinth that keeps hiding from us the greed of this capitalistic world around us, leaving us lost in endless paths and taking us away from harmony, equality and love towards the other.”