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Lurk Cologne – Coco

I don't know which year the oldest footage in “Coco” actually dates to, but it feels like the video of the Cologne-based Lurk crew has been in the making for ten years. Every now and then other projects got in the way or trips that were meant for the video turned into their own edits. Finally, filmer/editor mastermind BX1000 took care of the matter and put together the footy of various filmers from countless of tapes and memory cards to the Lurks crews opus magnum. The mix includes parts by Dani Schreitmüller, Niklas Kandziora, David Wollmann and Alex Bennett, as well as the rest of the crew and friends & family peppered with a few well known names. And the Solo Team has small appearances as well. Enjoy a cross section of Cologne skateboarding of the last years.