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Lost in the supermarket: Radio goes shopping

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Normally supermarket radio is annoying with brain-softening tootling. But when the Berlin Radio guys go shopping in their hood, even the pizzas in the freezers sizzle the tomatoes. This clip is the opposite of the annoying weekly shopping. And if you have wooden planks on your shopping list, the Radio shop is now full again.

Radio Baws Arne Krüger explains what was going on there:

"The idea came from a mutual friend of mine and the owner of the supermarket, and the video was meant to be played in between the band changes for the Fete de la musique. The owners of the supermarket are very involved in the community around them and usually always have a stage for the Fete de la musique in their parking lot, but this time it wasn't possible because of stupid Corinna. So this year the whole thing was held in the supermarket, with 5 bands and DJ sets, and that's how we came into the game! We filmed the clip one week before the party on a Sunday from 10am to 8pm and unbelievably only the trash can from the kicker session broke. We'll see what else is coming, but as soon as Corona allows it again, we'll have a nice contest in the Edeka parking lot in 90s style, complete with ramps made of old pallets and other junk".