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Jan Hirt - Play Differently


As Jan has been on our radar for some years now, we were really stoked as he sent us his new part that also shows another side of his insane skill-leveled skateboarding. If you are into crazy spots, it seems like Switzerland is worth it!

He also has some words about "Play Different":

"This video is filmed and edited by the most motivated guy to skate with. Besides a 80% job and a father of three kids, he is always down to film after work.
His specialty is to find spots nobody wants to skate. My specialty is to skate stupid spots to avoid doing actual "hard tricks".
Shortly after joking around about those funny little bumps on the side of the road, which nobody sees exept him, I decided to challenge myself on doing a project, where we basically go to a region, and skate whatever lies in our way. Or even better, whatever HE sees!
The few clips from Lisbon were never planned for the project, I ended up meeting Maciek and Tim Janke the first day i was there. That lead to a week full of skating the streets. Some tricks did not made the cut because the tricks and spots were too normal."

With guest appearances: Nicola Hosek and Daniel Vivas Rojas
Filming, editing and artwork: Nick Heuberger