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Dustin Dollin's "after Tour" Detox Tips und Tricks

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Skating your home spot is cool, but the best thing about skateboarding is when you go on a trip and discover new spots. Spending a few weeks just skating, hanging out with your homies and taking drugs - living the life. But you don’t realize that the whole thing also brings physical pain and mental freakouts until you’re sweaty, hungover and sore again and chew on your tenth 7/11 sandwich in five days. Going on tour sucks energy. Dustin Dollin, who has been traveling around the world almost non-stop for decades, has therefore shared his tips and tricks for the "after tour detox" with us.

The day of arrival at home

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The evening before the return flight is of course one of the hardest. You hardly have any energy left, you already feel a complete emptiness in your head and you're really just waiting to finally be back home with familiar faces. Still, there's no way around getting hammered a last time with the whole team. So you will arrive at the airport pretty hungover and here it finally starts. The detox. The first thing Dustin recommends when you get home is to unpack all your stuff and take a long bath or shower. If your apartment isn't tidy, clean it up before you hit the hay. Now put a towel and 3 liters of water next to the bed to prepare yourself for nightmares with sweating.

Tag 1

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First Dustin Liefhack: Vitamin B12 and Vitamin C. Vitamin B12 helps keep the body's nerve and blood cells healthy and helps make DNA. Vitamin B12 also helps prevent megaloblastic anemia, which sounds complicated but, simply put, makes you tired and weak. B12 deficiency can lead to restlessness, irritability, negativism, confusion, anxiety, disorientation, amnesia, difficulty concentrating and paying attention, and insomnia.

So take vitamins (you'd better get them before the tour) and then go shopping strong. Afterwards you can make a smoothie with banana, blueberry, mango, cinnamon, honey and ice from the fresh ingredients. That gets chilled and refrigerated for after lunch. For lunch, Dustin recommends just something you like and two beers or a joint (depending on preference. If your body is a drug-free temple, then of course you can enjoy your meal without. Most likely you won't need any detox tips then...). After the meal you prepare a ginger-lemon-cayenne tea and sip it comfortably.

After that you have a soup:

1. boil diced onion, carrot, celery.
2. fry chicken (or vegetarian substitute) in the middle.
3. remove chicken, shred with two forks, return to pot, add broth, peas, corn, mushrooms.

Make a HUGE pot.

Now let the soup simmer on low and for now sit back and relax and drink tea and smoothie.

Then at dinner, you gorge on the soup with two glasses of wine. The idea is to slowly come down from 40 beers a day. Sure, cold turkey is also an option, but the most uncomfortable. Dustin helps you make a smooth transition.

Day 2

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Day two runs almost like the first day, only with less work and less alcohol. So the body slowly but surely comes to rest. First of all, there are the said vitamins C and B12 for breakfast. This time you can also take probiotics if your stomach is giving you problems. They create good bacteria in your stomach. In addition, a nice glass of smoothie. For lunch you have detox tea, soup and 1 beer. At dinner you have soup again and this time only one glass of wine.

Day 3

Day three is the same as day two, but without beer at lunch. In the evening there is again soup and a glass of wine.

According to Dustin's calculations, you should now be cured and fit from the next day without a sip of alcohol.

Of course, it’s best if you live healthy and drug free or just don’t overdo it so much that you need such a strict detox program at all. But if the tour does get out of hand and your liver and muscles are groaning, Uncle Dusti's tips will help you.

Pictures of Dustin by DVL.