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Dshild Crew Interview – Dirty Ghetto Kids am Macba


Two weeks ago Nils Zoican came to us from Saarbrücken for an internship. In his backpack he had the latest video of his crew Dshild – filmed with the dirtiest Fisheye we’ve ever seen. When he told us some stories from his crew, even more dirtyness appeared. Like the story of a truly incredible Barcelona trip after which we were pretty sure – Dshild is the hardest crew around!

At first introduce yourself Nils.

I am Nils Zoican, 21, from Saarbrücken and I film for five years with my crew now.

Who is a part of Dshild?

The best known are Modo (Matinda), Josh (Junkes) and Marvin (Rausch). And there are a few kids who have been added over time.

How has it come that you are the filmer?

I don't know, I was the only one that knew how to do it. I tried to teach Marvin, but he failed. Modo is the only one that films a bit too, cause he also watches many skate videos.

Isn’t it annoying when you have to film, although you prefer to skate for yourself?

Yes, but I do it for the scene in Saarbrücken. There is actually no scene, so we just build one. Back in the days there were more skateres around, but in the last years there hasn’t been much going on.

"Modo has the logo, the double cross, tattooed on his forehead by a homie of us"

I read in Parallel mag yesterday that Leon Moss sends shoutouts in his interview. So you know the Brainhxstle Crew?

Yeah, Trier [where Brainhxstle Member Lukas Rosen lived for a while] is only one hour away from Saarbrücken and I met Rosen already a few years ago by a couple of homies in Berlin. Through them I also met the Schund crew.

What do you think about the crews in Germany?

I don't know, I think in our case it’s even a bit deeper. There is so much in it, so much loyalty, we have already experienced so much together, that’s crazy. Sect style.

Modo Matinda Dshild
You also have a Dshild tattoo.

Marvin, Modo and I, the founders of Dshild, all have tattoos. Modo has the logo, the double cross, tattooed on his forehead by a homie of us.

What does Dshild mean?

It has no meaning. We just wanted to have a cool name. We were drunk, hangin in the streets and then had the idea to start a crew. We wanted a name that sounds gangster and had G-Unit in mind. Then there was just a traffic sign (Schild, in German) and we thought, lets call it Shild. Then I said, lets make a letter in front like G-Shild or something, but that was kind of wack, so we said Dshild.

And now you just finished the second Dshild video?

Actually, even the third. The first got lost, because my computer crashed… We already had a premiere and uploaded the video on youtube, but there were problems with the music rights so it got taken down and then my computer crashed and I was the only guy who had the file. But this is a long time ago and I learned my lesson.


Modo Matinda – Frontside Bluntslide

Now you are here for an internship in our office. Do you plan to continue working in the skate scene?

I hope that we can maybe make a bit money with Dshild stuff. I’m living the gipsy lifestyle for quite a while now. I was recently in Barcelona with two friends, two weeks just slept at Macba.

You mean at the spot!? In a sleeping bag, or what?

No, not even sleeping bags. We were there and then found a mattress in a park nearby. We made friends with some homeless people, because we don’t wanted to get our stuff stolen every day. Once we slept in a bank, because it was too cold outside, and some guys came in and wanted to raid us. We were lucky that we had that two locals with us who abused them in Spanish so they left.

I don’t believe it, you’ve slept for two weeks on the streets?

This was actually the second time. We did this already six month before.

"The homeless were really nice and bought us some bocadillos in the morning and brought coffee for us."

Okay, from the beginning again. How did you get the mattress?

It just layed there near Macba. There was one at the 3 stairs and in a park was another one. The homeless also were really nice and bought us some bocadillos in the morning and brought coffee for us.

That just happened?

Yes, we woke up in the morning and then there was already food and coffee. I don't know where they got that stuff, because they have no money, too.

How did you get in contact with them?

Because we slept there. When the night came they layed down next to us.

So you took some dirty old mattress from the streets, slept there and then some homeless guys cuddled to you?

Yes, there are a bunch of pictures. On some you can’t even tell the difference between us skaters and the homeless guys.

So you paid for the flights and then you were broke?

The flights was expensive, 170 bucks and then I had 50 euros for two weeks. That’s not much.

With this budget you can’t party.

No, not a bit.

Where did you shower?

At the beach, but only one time, because it was to cold at that time. It was crazy.

That's the toughest trip I ever heard of.

That’s what I mean, that crew thing is very strong. We were so dirty and had layers of Macba on our skin when we left. Dirty Ghetto Kids was our nickname at Macba. They already know all of us, but we couldn’t stay anywhere, every flat was full at that time.

Crazy story. Are there more of these stories?

I could write a book about what we have already experienced together. We lived the same lifestyle at trips to Stuttgart and Berlin.

Always sleeping on the street?

Just in the beginning until we made friends with the locals. In Stuttgart we slept three days at the central station until we met some guys where we could sleep…

Want to greet somebody?

Yes, greetings go out to the Brainhxstle Gang, the Schund Crew, Eastfilly Crew and to all our sponsors, especially to HIKIDS who support us most DSHILD SQUAD IS FOR EVER!