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Café Aquarelle

The French Vans team in Tunisia


We (the French Vans team) tried to escape a cold January by flying to Tunisia. Not really the first place that comes to mind for a skate trip, but the country surprisingly has a fair amount of spots to offer and the local population is exceptionally welcoming to tourists. There’s a huge skate scene there composed of about 20 guys who helped in every way possible to make our stay a nice memory. We started in Tunis but also explored other cities like Hammamet, Monastir, and Sousse.

I also want to give a shout-out to Sam Partaix because he did a perfect job for his first trip as a team manager. His cosmic personality mixed with experience and a 24/7 good mood let him handle everything perfectly, and he gave us quite a few golden quotes…

Soloskatemag Cafeaquarelle Pic2

Sam Partaix - Frontside Wallride to 5-0

"I’m not sorry, I’m the team manager, so I do what I want."

Soloskatemag Cafeaquarelle Pic3

Joseph Biais - Wallie to Backside Wallride

Soloskatemag Cafeaquarelle Pic4

Joseph Biais - Ollie to Backside 50-50

"Oh guys, my shit smells like puke!"

Val Bauer – Fakie Pop Shove-it

Soloskatemag Cafeaquarelle Paralax

Val Bauer – Fakie Pop Shove-it

Soloskatemag Cafeaquarelle Pic8

Quentin Boillon - Backside Nosegrid Backside Revert

Soloskatemag Cafeaquarelle Pic7

Mickael Germond - Ollie

"The problem today is everybody is just too good. Look at me, for example, I don’t even have a favorite skater anymore."

Soloskatemag Cafeaquarelle Pic10

Sam Partaix - Frontside Blunt

"It’s still better than staying the whole day at the bnb... The good flea market, playing pool and I would even say a sweet hammam for the boys!"

Soloskatemag Cafeaquarelle Pic12

Nabil Slimani - Gap to 50-50