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Bones Wheels – "It never rains in South Spain" Gallery


The end of November in Germany means either storing your skateboard or skating indoor parks. Blessed are skaters who still have travel budget left at the end of the year in order to start a journey to the south of Spain. One could think so at least, but not even there it's always vain sunshine as Alex Mizurov, Flo Westers and Patrick Rogalski did experience. 

Shortly after the begin of Advent season Mizze, Rogge and Flo Western wanted to soak up some sun and travelled for Bones to southern Spain. Together with photographer Fabian Reichenbach and filmer Shqipron Bobaj they jumped in a car and went on a ten days round trip.

Patrick Rogalski Bs Smith Preview  Reichenbach Frp 6907

Patrick Rogalski – Backside Smithgrind

Preview Reichenbach Dscf8009

First stop was Seville, where the boys spent a couple of days. The next destination on the travelling plan was Cádiz, but there was only rain, just like it was in the whole south at the boarder to Gibraltar. The bad weather chased the boys and thus half of the tour fell through – whereby they can still be considered lucky. 

Flo Westers Fs Nosegrind Preview  Reichenbach Frp 6041

Flo Westers – Frontside Nosegrind

Flo Westers Fakie Kickflip Preview  Reichenbach Frp 5999

Flo Westers – Fakie Kickflip

A week later the rain in Málaga set in so heavy that the town had to struggle with floods and the local public transport was paralysed. So overall a great deal of luck, and during the end a couple of dry days in Málaga and Marbella could be enjoyed.

Preview Reichenbach Frp 6013

Shortly before their departure the crew wanted to have a great time with a celebratory meal, but made savings in the wrong places and therefore can now recommend to everybody: Whoever gets Pizza offered for below 2,50 Euro in Málaga should give it a wide berth…

Patrick Rogalski Nollie Kickflip Preview  Reichenbach Frp 5987

Patrick Rogalski – Nollie Kickflip

Patrick Rogalski Fs Crooks2 Preview  Reichenbach Frp 7021

Patrick Rogalski – Frontside Crooked Grind

Wait for the clip tomorrow!