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Baker x Flip


Just randomly threw out in the Baker group chat, “Who’s your favorite Euro skater?” These four people responded as Baker text questions only get returned by all on rare occasions. To no surprise, it was a full Flip skateboards response. I’m guessing because around the time Baker was starting – ‘97-‘99 era, Warner Ave era, Piss Drunx era –, we were pretty much thick as thieves with the Flip squad. Living in one house was Erik Ellington, Elissa Steamer, Mike Maldonado, and Shane Heyl. The other apartment was Ali Boulala and Alex Moul and another Jim Greco, and Orin. Across the street was Andrew Reynolds, Brian Sumner, Jeff Lenoce and Beagle next door to the fire squad. Anyhow, they sent back these favorites in which we wanted to track down some different rare angles for your delight. Just a nice shot back to the past to remember how fucking dope Flip skateboards was back in the good ol’ days. However, I believe if they had more time to think, they would all collectively be naming some more modern amazing Euros. Let’s see, maybe next issue.

- Dustin Dollin

Andrew Reynolds about Ali Boulala

Ali is my favorite because his skating had a sense of humor, and he would involve his friends in whatever danger he was about to put himself in, while laughing and yelling about it. And the best switch skating I’ve ever seen.

Ali boulala k f

Ali Boulala – Kickflip | Photo: Skin Phillips

Elissa Steamer about Tom Penny

He’s the sickest, most mysto. For a while, he was like a yeti or abominable snowman. You wouldn’t see him, but when you did, it was so very special. I met him in Tampa probably ’95. He was on a trip with Donny [Barley] and some others. They did a demo at the skatepark, then we all drank beer, and smoked pot at a hotel. It was fun. His hand was swollen the size of a softball and he kept asking, “Do you think it’s broken?” Definitely, it was broken. He absolutely obliterated the skatepark. I’d never seen anything like that in person. He landed everything he tried and it wasn’t basics. Next level.

22724 Tom Penny Milton Keynes E RGB v2 High Res MK Book Final

Tom Penny – Frontside Bluntslide | Photo: Wig Worland

Don Nguyen about Arto Saari

I chose Arto because he’s a badass. He came here and killed it. Front board El Toro when the generator went out. Just hands down, came here like a Viking, and murdered spots.

Unbenannt 1

Arto Saari – Frontside Bluntslide | Photo: Gabe Morford

Rowan Zorilla about Alex Moul

I think he had a crazy style and did tricks a little bit differently. I met him a few times. I met him in Long Beach at Figgy’s shoe party years ago and he was super cool. I know his footage from old 411s that I’ve seen on YouTube. I always liked his style. How he skates mini ramps, he just destroys them.

IMG 5285 Mute Grab tune

Alex Moul – Mute Grab | Photo: Percy Dean