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In terms of skating, Russia was sleeping for a long time, but since the foundation of Rassvet, the start of Asphalt skatemag and lately the opening of Tolia Titaev's Oktyabr skateshop there is a lot going on in Mother Russia. The newest outputs from the east we proudly present are a zine and a video by photographer Stas G which gives a glimpse about what’s going on in Moscow.

The video and zine start off in 2016 with the filming for the Rassvet video. You'll see many spots that exist around the Oktyabr skateshop. The cover for example shows the well known and first skate spot in Moscow, the "Square of October Revolution" where the skating started in the 90s. This place also inspired Tolia to open his skateshop. Times are changing – and for the Russian skate scene only for the best. Those marble-monument-spots look crazy good for skating and more and more people now come to enjoy them. And sometimes the visitors become brothers, like Val Bauer who rides for Rassvet and is also included in this clip.

Everyone who wants to get a zine should write Oktyabr Shop or contact Stas G personally.