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Yours Truly - Søren Noe

Søren is a young gifted ripper from Aalborg, Denmark, who is just as comfortable throwing himself down sets as he is teching it out on the lip of the deep end. Get to know Søren in this rapid fire of questions known as "Yours Truly"!


Your Town:


Your Crew:

Baggys Crew ! (My homies new brand)

FA Soren YT 01

Fs Cab

Your Spot:

Lunden, the DIY spot in my hometown (RIP)

Your Trick:

Nollie Inward Heel Nosestall Bodyvarial Revert

Your Video:

Baker 3

FA Soren YT 02

Swich Blunt

Your Shoe:

Globe Mahalo

Your Shop:

The Boss Shop

Your Drink:

Faxe is the best

FA Soren YT 03

Melon Grab

Your Pant:

Levis 550

Your Song:

Something funky

Your Dream:

I wanna create more skate events. Those have motivated me alot and I’d be stoked if I could give that to other skaters. Other than that I just wanna be able to skate as much as possible.

Follow Søren on his Insta for some exotic moves and grab a pair of Mahalo's from the sustainable folks over at GLOBE!


Deathwish Skateboards - "Deathwish in Texas"

Juni 02, 2021

Hannes Drißner - "Icky Icky"

Mai 31, 2021