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“You don’t know what it’s like” by Friedjof Feye

The space in Solo is unfortunately limited, which is why we can not always print all the articles that we actually like. But limitations are there to be overcome and that’s why we thought: we’ll just publish selected zines in addition to the magazine! Special projects in small edition and in cooperation with our favorite photographers. We start with the “You don't know what it's like” zine by Friedjof Feye, which is now available for ten euros in our webshop.

More precisely, the zine is a collaboration of three friends who drove an old camper five days out of the city to have a good time and go skating along the Baltic Sea – Lübeck, Wismar and the island of Poel were on the route. Most of the skating on the trip was done by Christoph Friedmann, photographer Friedjof Feye from Hanover took the photos (partly half frame photos with a Yashica) and in the end filmer Nizan Kasper contributed the handwritten text. The result is a 24 page zine (210 x 280mm, cover 300g paper / content 120g) which is limited to 100 pieces and can be purchased in our webshop or at Lobby Skateshop.