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Winter Bright & BESA 2018 Gallery

Wintertime in Berlin – the weather is horrible but the European skaterboard scene gathers nevertheless. It was time for Bright again plus the annual BESA ceremony. Here’s what happened.

It started on tuesday afternoon with the Element wallride Cash-for-tricks session (photos and videos will be online tomorrow). Later on Cleptomanicx presented their Off-Zine that they did together with photographer Friedjof Feye. Then it was already time for a little snack before the BESA’s started right next to Bright.

The evening kicked off with Remy Taveira’s welcome part for Carhartt (read more about it in our recent issue). Then the host Gary Rogers handed out trophies to everybody who was killing it in European skateboarding in 2017 (see the winners list). Last but not least their was a party but we can’t provide you with any informations about it.

BESA Winners:

Oski Rozenberg - Skateboarder of the Year

Sarah Meurle - Female Skateboarder of the Year

Mike Arnold - Rookie of the Year

PALACE - Brand of the Year

Arrow & Beast - Shop of the Year

Place - Media of the year

Danny Sommerfeld - Photographer of the Year

Jacob Harris - Videographer of the Year

Atlantic Drift -  Video of the Year

KF3Hunna - Instagram of the Year

Oski Rozenberg - Elite Squad - Videopart of the Year

Copenhagen Skatepark - Lifetime Achievement