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Win a DC Basquiat pack

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An artist's career started as a homeless sprayer and ended with a heroin overdose. In between, being a part of Andy Warhol’s Factory and the production of colorful, expressionist paintings. Jean-Michel Basquiat was an exceptional figure in the art scene and would probably have been an excellent skateboarder with his view of the world. Now DC has brought his art at least on skate shoes.

The DC x Basquiat Kollektion collection is in stores now and contains various shoes and apparel parts. Today we have a pair of shoes and a matching shirt to give away. All you need to do is to give the correct answer to the following question:

What was Basquiat’s name as a sprayer?

Send your answer including your address and shoe- and shirt-size with the subject "Basquiat" until 31.09.2021 to and take part in the raffle!