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Victor Cascarigny Top 3

I remember the day when, maybe 12 years ago, the teacher put the new kid next to me. A little guy looking like a rebel that I felt was able to get me into serious trouble. After only two weeks, he invited himself to my home – me being the shy and unpopular kid. Well, you know what? He was cool, we spent the best afternoons of my childhood together, and my mom was in love with him. Since that time, we made fun of his hairstyle, of his inability to focus more than five minutes, and of his rap texts talking about Pokémon. Now I’ll leave you with him (if he’s not late as usual), so try to be nice with him, as nice as he would be with you. He doesn’t deserve it though. – Hugo Marples

Photos: Roger Ferrero, Guillaume Perimony

Victor Heelflip rogerferrero

Heelflip | Photo: Ferrero

Top 3 series

1. Sherlock

2. Sex Education

3. The Queen’s Gambit

Top 3 animes

1. Death Note

2. Hunter x Hunter

3. Avatar

Top 3 ramen places in Paris

1. Hakata Choten for those black Tonkotsu Ramen

2. Kadoya for those cheap and good Tantanmen

3. Kodawari Tsukiji for this unique decor, you really feel like you’re in a Japanese fish market

Tailbash | Photo: Ferrero

Soloskatemag Victor Cascarigny header

Tailbash | Photo: Ferrero

Top 3 writers

1. Paulo Coelho for all his books

2. Hermann Hesse for Siddhartha

3. Laurent Gounelle for Les dieux voyagent toujours incognito

Top 3 best ways to be ready to skate after a party

1. Don’t drink alcohol at the party

2. Press a fresh lemon and mix it with some hot water and honey. Drink that before eating something and in front of your favorite skate video – but don’t watch too many videos. Eat something healthy and start your skate mission ASAP. The more you chill, the more you’ll get lazy.

3. Take a long bath with a few drops of lavender essential oil and breathe deeply. Listen to your fav music.

Top 3 of favorite places to skate

1. Paris for the smooth sidewalks and for these amazing suburb spots

2. Tokyo for the night-skating scene

3. Marseille for the unique mood of this city

Victor kickflipboardslide rogerferrero

Kickflip Boardslide | Photo: Ferrero

Top 3 of French music

1. JUL

2. JUL

3. JUL

Top 3 recipes

1. Risotto with asparagus and mushrooms

2. Pizza with tomato, mozzarella, mushrooms, olives and artichoke hearts

3. Eggplant marinated in soy sauce, mirin and garlic with rice

Top 3 things in my skate bag (except skate stuff)

1. Speaker

2. New t-shirt when it’s hot and your shirt is completely wet after the sesh

3. External battery

Victor ollie up front crook gallieni 2 Guillaume Perimony

Frontside Crooked | Photo: Perimony

Victor bsflip rogerferrero

Backside Flip | Photo: Ferrero

Top 3 of my fav pictures in this interview

1. The 50-50 on the window with the bank

2. Nosebump

3. Frontside Crooked on the statue

Top 3 non-skate activities

1. Make rap music in my friend’s studio

2. Party

3. Play Minecraft or Magic: The Gathering

Top 3 places to take your girlfriend on holidays

1. Near the ocean, French Basque Country, for example

2. Into the wild

3. Far away from your hometown. I mean in a new country. Live a new experience somewhere with a really different culture.

Victor ollie rail tram Paris 3 Guillaume Perimony

Ollie | Photo: Perimony

Top 3 one foot

1. Ollie north

2. Ollie double north

3. Ollie north and south

Top 3 of what to do when it’s raining

1. Rap

2. Read in a warm bath or in front of a fireplace

3. Invite friends and play board games

Top 3 biggest shames in the world

1. Money more important than life

2. The cowardice of political representatives

3. The manipulation of the masses

Victor nosebump rogerferrero CMYK

Nosebonk | Photo: Ferrero

Top 3 of the top 3

1. Top 3 biggest shames in the world

2. Top 3 of the top 3

3. Top 3 non-skate activities

Victor bank to window grind PARIS 2 Guillaume Perimony

Ollie to bank to 50-50 | Photo: Perimony

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