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Tyler Bledsoe Interview


Since his great Mindfield part and the Transworld Hallelujah part one year later, there wasn’t much footage of Tyler Bledsoe. He was injured for a long time, his board sponsor went down and there were rumors in internet forums, that his career is done. But now he’s back, with new board and shoe sponsors and without glasses. We met him at the Fourstar tour in Germany.

Hey Tyler, what was the most obtuse moment on the Fourstar tour so far?

Oh man, so many it’s hard to think of just one but seriously just having the big ass bus was pretty obtuse. That thing was so awesome!

You’re known for coming up with great youtube videos for every tour – do you have one for this?

I used to put in some time on youtube searching for funny shit, but I haven’t been looking as much lately. I got turned on to a new one from everybody on the trip though it’s called Chef Seth. It’s a couple of fried hippies talking about eating healthy. Pretty funny the more you watch it too.

I heard you also watch a lot of documentaries. What’s your favorite one?

My favorite one is called Dig. Its about the Brian Jonestown Massacre.

You were one of the few skaters, that skate with glasses. What happened to them? Do you wear contacts now?

Yeah, I got contacts. Just wanted to switch it up. I still wear glasses at night and stuff when the contacts come out.

Tyler Bledsoe – Backside Tailslide Kickflip to Fakie

Backside Tailslide Kickflip to Fakie Out

Not only the glasses changed, you also got a new shoe sponsor.

Im super hyped! I’ve always been really down for Huf and how they do things. Etnies and I just grew apart basically.

How did the change to Huf happen, since you just had a shoe on Etnies a year ago?

It just happened, perfect timing everything fell into place, Kevin Terpening really made it happen for me, I owe him big time. I wanted to be a part of Huf and Terps let them know and it went from there.

"Mother was a cool name but shit happens and Quasi came along very easy and natural and grew on us fast"

Your Mindfield part pretty much put you on the map. What’s your favorite part of yourself?

I don't really like watching my own parts. but I'm definitely very proud of that part and to be a part of that video.

After the Workshop went down, new companies arised from the ashes. Mother, with Gilbert Crockett, Jake Johnson and you, is one of them. Now Mother had to change it’s name into "Quasi" due to corporate issues. How bummed were guys actually?

Not that bummed to tell you the truth, Mother was a cool name but shit happens and Quasi came along very easy and natural and grew on us fast. A name shouldn’t be everything. We want you to just look at our stuff and know its from us just from the feel of it and not have to have a certain logo or name just to identify it.

Do you think the name-changing effects the success Mother had so far?

Not sure yet but I wouldn't think so at all.

If you could just put somebody on "Quasi" – Who would it be?

Probably Lennie Kirk.

Tyler Bledsoe – Bodyjar

Body Jar